About Us

Madeleina Kay – Campaign Leader

The LabelVeg campaign is being led by Madeleina Kay, who was awarded Young European of the Year 2018. She is a 24-year-old artist, musician, writer and political activist known as #EUsupergirl for her campaigning in the UK and EU. Madeleina is managing comms and all creative aspects of the ECI. Madeleina believes providing better information will help EUcitizens make ethical lifestyle choices; for their own health, animal welfare and to mitigate impacts of human consumption on the Environment. 


Joel Baccas – Campaigner

Joel has background in law and is a lead campaigner for the LabelVeg ECI. He supports the campaign because he sees the world moving towards a more plant based life style and having a clear labelling system will be vital for consumers who want to make informed decisions about how they eating habits affect animals and the health of the planet. Having a clear information system will be a source of motivation.

Charlie Grosvenor – Campaign Organiser

Charlie Grosvenor is the mastermind behind the LabelVeg campaign. He is managing technical and organisational aspects of the initiative. Charlie is a member of the VeganSociety and an avid advocate of Veganism. He also enjoys dressing up as a Vegan Euro-bunny to promote his campaign.

Stefania Delprete – Campaigner

Stefania Delprete is a data scientist in Turin, Italy.
She’s been vegan for almost ten years, and organizes Effective Altruism events in Italy, sensitizing on the animal welfare as one on the major causes addressed in the movement.

Stefania is involved with the open source local community and volunteering for Mozilla, Python and NumFocus.

linkedin.com/in/astrastefania * twitter.com/astrastefania