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This website is is to campaign for better vegetarian labelling in Europe. It would be unfair not to acknowledge the positive impact that food allergen warnings have had with respect to food labelling. However, it is clearly not enough. People following vegetarian and vegan diets still struggle with food labels and ingredient lists as they shop throughout Europe.

There is ambiguity around some ingredients as to whether they are even plant or animal-based. Also, there remains some misconceptions surrounding the distinction between vegetarian and veganism itself. Some quick and notable examples being honey, anything that contains gelatin, and certain beers that are filtered with animal parts.

Within the European Union there are 24 official languages, manufacturers can normally only fit a few languages onto their products. The EU allows free movement of people, goods and services, it is quite likely that somebody will end up consuming a product that does not contain ingredients, in a language they speak.

To clear up any ambiguity and make food identification easier, we are proposing that food companies additionally, by law, label their products in one of three ways:

• Not Vegetarian – contains animal parts and/or byproducts.
• Vegetarian – may contain animal byproducts.
• Vegan – is 100% plant based.

With a symbol each, much like they have in India.

If you agree with our views, please support our efforts in unifying food labelling across Europe.

Thanks for your support.